Thank you, SHF Workampers!
Jack & Robin* with Harley, the best Doberman in the whole world
Bill (with the kitties) & Sandy
Laurie & Pat * - adopted their cat from SHF
* We're REPEAT Workampers!
Mike & Anita - helped SHF at the very beginning!
Pam behind the wheel
Lee & Karen - being interviewed for Jim & Rene's blog
Janet & David - helped with landscaping
Sue & Kevin - making platforms for RV porches
Fred & Kathy erecting the Dog Isolation Building
Jim & Rene' - came all the way from California
Jeanne & Allen by the pond
At Safe Harbor Farm, the talents of visiting spring and fall Workampers complement the year-round efforts of our core volunteers. The happiest Workampers are those who like to work outdoors in a quiet and pretty location. They work as individuals and couples, and they go to bed each night knowing the world is a better place for them being here.
workcamper site #1
dog center to your right and 50 acres of forest at your back door
Workampers at SHF help primarily with landscaping and handiman tasks
(like painting, power-washing & fence-repair) plus a small amount of
animal care
(primarily cats & goats) and occasional data entry.

Most spring and fall work is done between sun-up & noon, and between
five pm & sun-down, leaving the middle of the day for other things
(like visits to the ocean 30 minutes away).

If you haven't done so already, please enjoy our online TOUR.
Application to Workcamp at SHF
Name (s)
E-mail address
Home address
Phone #1
Phone #2
Number of weeks that you'd like to Workamp
Dates that you'd like to Workamp
Number of people
Any smokers?  (please note: SHF is a non-smoking facility)
Animals traveling with you
Type and length of RV
Type of heat used  (Note: electric heaters are not allowed at SHF)
Full or part-timer?
How long have you been RVing?
Have you Workamped before?  If so, where?
Talents that you'd like us to know about
Have you worked at a vet clinic or shelter before?
Do you have any specific scheduling needs?
Please list 2 work-related references with their contact numbers. 
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Please copy these letters & numbers so we know you're a real person:


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Updated 1-1-18
Ed & Crista - planning on
      coming back!
Cindy, with her very good friend, Suka
Stan & Marge - built feeding troughs for the goats.
John & Carolyn LOVED working with the dogs!
workamper site # 2
cat center ahead; goats &
a private kennel to the back
Hank adopted Angel, a three-legged labrador
Bill constructed our AWESOME pond bridge railings!
Bob NEVER was bored at SHF!
Carol & Jerry - sewed kitty blankets,  groomed the animals, put up fencing & built a deck!
George & Barb brought their 4 dogs!
Dave and his favorite gal, Ceily
Dwayne and Larry -
from NC and AK!
Robert & friends from the Dog Center
workamper site # 3
fenced-in yard for Workamper dogs;
faces our one-acre pond
Once you have submitted an application, please call us at
3490 224 252 (use these numbers in reverse order)
so we know to expect your application.
(This helps us to ensure your application hasn't been labled spam!)