WANTED: One community-minded veterinarian who wants to love what they do and who desires to open a
SURGICAL or SURGICAL-DERMATOLOGY practice in pretty coastal North Carolina.

YOU MUST BE: A good surgeon who enjoys surgery and an organized person with a good business sense. Non-smokers only.

IT HELPS IF YOU: like the ocean, small towns and picturesque places.

AND... you may be able to live onsite in a beautiful 2 BR apartment or 1 BR log cabin under certain circumstances (now THAT'S a smart way to help pay off your student loans!).

WHY ARE WE OFFERING THIS?  Because North Carolina's Jones, Onslow, Craven & Carteret Counties each need more veterinarians who practice good medicine and are interested in small animal herd health, population medicine and ending the high rate of "economic" euthanasia! 

*  Own your own practice and all the practice records,
together with any equipment & supplies you purchase

*  Provide occasional spay-neuters (est. 1-2/month) for
SHF's rescued animals

* Provide a beautiful and unique clinic building with
easy access off busy Route 17, together with much of
the basic equipment needed for a good country

* Will actively introduce you to the community via our community clinics, popular website and animal rescue network.
Unique veterinary practice start-up offer
Picture working next to a beautiful 1-acre pond with the Croatan National Forest as your closest neighbor... now picture enjoying the practice of veterinary medicine while you start your own practice with the support of animal lovers who want you to succeed!
SAFE HARBOR FARM has a unique offer for the right veterinarian...

*Very reasonable lease on a newly constructed clinic

* Pictuesque location in a small community 15 minutes from the fastest growing city in the country (Jacksonville, NC)!

If she looks a bit like a church, that's because she was one for almost 100 years. She then became an antiques store. Slated to be torched in 2007, this building was, instead, moved to Safe Harbor Farm when the Maysville Fire Chief refused to burn it down. Long a Maysville landmark, this is the second time this building has been moved - the first time was with oxen!

A lot of hard work and hard-to-raise funds have gone into this building - a second story, new roof, new walls, new floor, new ceiling, new equipment & new HVAC system. The windows we've kept, with a little renovation - they are made of very old, hand-hammered glass.

Her new floor plan is divided into three sections. The front 800 square feet includes two exam rooms, a waiting area & bathroom, an airy treatment room with observation cages, cat ward, dog ward, x-ray room and two-table surgery. The back two rooms are reserved for Safe Harbor's rescue work. Upstairs is a gorgeous, 2BR, open-floorplan 1,000 sq.ft. apartment.
pond side of clinic building
entranceway to proposed new full-service clinic
second exam room, under construction

Safe Harbor Farm is located in Maysville, a small but growing town, located between three well-populated areas:   
                           New Bern (Craven Co - 18 minutes),
                           Jacksonville (Onslow Co - 15 minutes) &
                           Morehead City (Carteret Co - 35 minutes)
On busy Route 17, Maysville is also 30 minutes from the ocean via Route 58.

Jacksonville is the fastest growing city in the United States, mostly due to its miitary population.  To put that in perspective, it has TWO Super Walmarts, TWO Lowe's Home Improvement Stores, EIGHT McDonalds... even TWO IHOPS!  Camp Lejeune's small vet clinic (which does minimal surgery) refers dozens of new petowners our way each week for surgery.

Jones County is rural & picturesque, and its topography guarantees that the new homes going up will never overwhelm its small-town appeal.  Presently, there are NO full-service or surgical veterinary practices in Jones County!  Pet owners need to travel to New Bern & Jacksonville for veterinary services. 

There are two emergency clinics situated within 30 minutes of Maysville, one in Havelock (35 minutes away) and one in Jacksonville.  Of course, one of the benefits of surgical specialty and surgical-dermatology practices is: your emergencies are practically non-existent!

For more information, contact Dr. Swanson at 252 422 0943.
front entrance
reception area
exam room #1
treatment room
the original building!
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