What is your dog's PLAY STYLE?
These dogs are peaceful by nature, and they interact with other dogs in the same manner. They offer them (and people) plenty of personal space, and they prefer others do the same for them.
These dogs offer a bouncy bow to potential playmates both large and small, inviting them to race and run around. Although they can be persistent with their playful invitations, they'll eventually give up in good spirits if other dogs respond with a reprimand or don't join in.
These dogs exude energy when they play, and they can play rough. They are best matched with other rough n' tumble dogs, with calm oversight to keep their give-and-take play mutual by nature and not over-the top.
Play, by nature, should be mutual, but these dogs happily ignore the rule. They enjoy pulling on other dogs' collars, tugging on their necks and poking & prodding them to the point of harrassment, and they're not inclined to give up easily. If your dog is a Push n' Puller, be prepared to calmly and matter-of-factly direct them to play with other Push n' Pullers in a social way. Never get frustrated or tense. If you do, your dog will echo your  tension 100%, and he will attribute it to other dogs (never to himself).
These dogs readily turn play into a hunt. It's in their DNA, and there is nothing even-handed about it. The nature of their play make them a poor match for dog parks. Have a Seek n' Destroyer? Don't bring him into our park. Take him for a nice long walk at your side instead. Depending upon the season, the Croatan road is a nice place to do this.