Safe Harbor Farm had a tornado develop a half mile south of its Center in May of 2008. To the horror of the volunteers who watched it happen as they rushed to gather all the critters into the clinic, the muddy brown clouds began to swirl, a narrow white funnel reached for the ground, and huge pieces of a convenience store down the road got sucked up into the sky to be tossed miles and miles away. 

Many prayers were said as the tornado moved slowly through the woods behind us. As soon as the threat passed, we started formulating plans to build a storm shelter. A friend told us about US Buildings, and we visited his.  Impressed by its wind-resistance, we jumped at the chance to purchase one when it became available at a discount. (It was originally purchased, but not picked up by Exxon.) Of course, we first made our friend promise to help us with its construction.
Dog Center
& Storm Shelter
Adams Concrete did a wonderful job pouring the foundation. (And many thanks go to our most marvelous friends, Alex & Pat, for funding their work!)  While the concrete cured, volunteers put metal sections together to form 18 huge arches, each 2 feet wide and spanning 25 feet.
It took 6 people to raise each arch into place on the count of three and 4 people to install all the bolts & nuts that held each arch in place. More than 4,000 nuts & bolts were used in this 25' x 36' structure!
September 20, 2008
October 25, 2008
Inside & out early December 08
Who says volunteers can't insulate?
SW corner
NW corner
Here she is, end of December, all insulated. The washer & dryer and bathroom (the big white box in the corner) have been installed.
Here she is in the summer of 2013, with 23 nice condo-cages, 2 roomy indoor kennels, 7 treadmills,  utility sink, refrigerator, countertops, backup generator and lots of storage.  Air conditioning keeps things nice and cool in the summer, and heat is available in the winter.  20-30 dogs stay in this building each night, and the treadmills are hopping from 7 to 10 each morning!
SE corner 
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