People with more kennel or shelter experience may wish to apply for our paid shelter coordinator position, which starts out as a Kennel Master but expands to include further responsibilities (and 30+ hours) when certain skills have been learned.  These responsibilities include coordinating volunteer hours, shelter maintenance and adoptions (off-site and online), plus helping with the Learning "DOG" Conferences. The goal is to run the shelter in the absence of the directors, reporting to them as needed.  This is NOT an entry-level position.

Other responsibilities include facility oversight, making/receiving phone calls, maintaining Excel spreadsheets, expanding the volunteer workforce (quality of volunteers over quantity), updating Petfinder listings, writing letters on behalf of the shelter, fundraising, bookkeeping and administering medications to shelter animals.

35% of the hours is inside-work, with the rest being outside-work.  It is much more hands-on than computer-oriented.  The dogs get up early and they are not into human drama, so a mature, balanced "morning" person is needed. Four-day/week schedule to be determined based upon the needs of both the shelter & our new shelter coordinator.  Salary based upon skills. Prefer a person who would live onsite in either our very nice 1 BR log cabin or 2 BR apartment.  Animal-oriented perks. Unlimited "basic" cell phone to use. Other benefits possible after one year.  The biggest perk is the education you will get as an important member of the Learning "DOG" team.

You also must be financially sound and able to do your own taxes (this tells us that you are comfortable & accountable when it comes to recordkeeping & legal obligations).
Shelter coordinator
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Kennel Master
Interested in expanding upon, practicing and perfecting your canine psychology skills while living a balanced, mindful life?  If so, our 17-hour/week live-in kennel master position is a workamping opportunity in exchange for the use of very nice on-site housing (either a 1 BR log cabin or a 2 BR apartment*), and it can complement paid employment, either onsite or offsite.**  For the right person, it can be a lead-in to our 30+ hour/week shelter coordinator position.

Responsibilities include feeding and exercising our 24-34 dogs four mornings/week (beginning just before sunrise for 3 1/2 hrs/day each day), at the same time maintaining the cleanliness and order of our Dog Center, medicating dogs as needed (including Frontline and heartworm preventative on schedule), keeping medical records and taking pictures to update Petfinder listings.  Check out the videos on this page to view some of our Center's morning routine.

* Housing valued at $750-900/mo (not taxable). Water, sewer & trash disposal included. Electric not included (est. $30-60/mo).  
** Some complementary options that can be done onsite: Teaching tai'chi, yoga or dog obedience, massage therapy or computer-based work.  Part-time vet tech work at area veterinary hospitals is another complementary option.
For both positions, you must be drama-free, honest, detail-oriented, neat, organized, dependable, hard-working, healthy, quiet-loving, non-smoking & non-drugging.  It also helps if you can write good letters and engaging descriptions of adoptable animals. We are 100% here for the dogs and we work for our mission statement.  We are not into human dramas!

You must have a working knowledge of
Learning "DOG" (either from the Learning "DOG" Conference or from the book of the same name; details can be found at, together with calm-assertive leadership skills, and you must be able to demonstrate this with our dogs and your own.  "Trying" to do this and "wanting" to do this is not enough.  Look at your own dogs.  Are they ready to be in the public eye, to be great examples of well-behaved dogs?  If not, we want you to work with your own dogs before applying to work with ours.

We are most definitely pet-friendly
, but that said, all of your own animals must be neutered, parasite-free, up-to-date on vaccines & heartworm preventative, non-destructive and emotionally balanced.  Due to the nature of our work, we are not set up to have children at our shelter.

These are not temporary positions.  We are looking for mature people who will be with us many happy years, people for whom animal rescue is a fundamental part of who they are (not someone simply looking for a job that "involves animals") and someone who can take real pride in the details of a job well-done (not someone expecting credit for showing up and talking or standing around).

Experience with animals and veterinary care is important, but more than anything else, the people we seek must have their life together. We're looking for integrity; an interest in learning; the ability to take responsibilty for successes & failures alike; the ability to follow directions; a sense of humor, an ability to motivate others toward excellence; internet awareness & basic computer skills (Excel, PowerPoint & Word); an interest in helping others and living lightly, and good job-related references. 

Very important is the ability to walk into a room and know quickly the 3 most-important jobs that need doing (and be on the way to getting them done).  Naturally, this is the kind of person everyone likes to work with, and the kind of person who makes a good leader.

If you are one of these people, we are looking forward to meeting you!

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