Safe Harbor Farm's Clinic Building was once a 100-year old Catholic Church! Slated to be burned down to make way for development, this wonderful building was, instead, given to us.  Moved a half-mile to SHF from its original location in Maysville, she has been thoroughly rehabbed to house both SHF's not-for-profit spay-neuter clinic, the Kindness Clinic, and a new full-service clinic (as yet unopened). A LOT of work, some by contractors, some by volunteers, has gone into this building and right now the last finishing touches are being put into place. It hasn't always been easy fixing up this building, as you will see, but the results are well worth the aches & pains along the way.
Clinic Building
Sure, she had a few holes in her roof (left). Nonetheless, she was a pretty little chapel with a strong frame that had withstood many a storm. The first thing we did was to stabilize her sides by installing new rafters (center). Then, we framed up new walls. Only then was the old roof was removed, because we needed to get the height of the building down below 18' in order for her to fit under 26 power lines (right).
Covered with a tarp and elevated up on wheels, the building was inched off its existing foundation, only to bog down in the mud! A second truck had to be called to pull the first one out of the muck!
The trip down Route 17 was easy, but we were all nervous when it came time to cross SHF's big ditch. Learning from our move of the cat adoptions center, we covered the ditch with used telephone poles... then held our breath!  The poles held, and the building made it across! Yippee!!
Okay, so the building looks a little rough right now, but she's got potential, right? Smoothie Lou, our building snooper-visor (center) isn't sure.  Perhaps she knew that things were about to get A LOT rougher!  We were in for two solid weeks of rain & tropical storms, and the #!@*! "professionals" who put the tarps atop the church left the bottom of the top flap UNDER the top of the bottom flap. Aaargh!!!!
The soggy tarps and the sodden drywall & flooring were all removed, bringing in plenty of sunshine, so construction of the second story could begin.
The water went EVERYWHERE - through the ceiling and down the walls, along the floor and out the doors! We were so shell-shocked, we found it hard to cry. So much damage, and all because of a sloppy construction crew.

Fortunately, things would soon take a turn for the better. After all, we had planned to tear down the ceiling and replace some of the drywall & the floor anyway.
Six sunny weeks later, our clinic was really shaping up!  New roof, new windows (keeping six of the original ones), new floors and - with the generous help of Two Mauds Foundation, the Neal Foundation and PetCo Foundation - new equipment, cages, cabinets & tables!
With great excitement, we moved all the surgical equipment from our mobile clinic to our new building,  ready to help more animals enjoy a healthier, happier, longer life.  Hurray!
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