and add a few more over here the temporary home of 20+ cats
Once a classroom...
Lee & Taxi measuring the new foundation .
Sit!  Stay!  Now hold the tape measure.
Good girl!
Our cat center at her original location

Safe Harbor Farm's Cat Center started off in life as a two-room schoolhouse owned by another non-profit which closed its doors. Moved from New Bern to Maysville in the summer of 2006, this building has been completely remodeled by volunteers with generous support from the Ahimsa Foundation and Handsel Foundation.
We closed our eyes as our 20-ton building crept sloooowly over our 16' culvert
SHF's Cat Center
Moving day!
Okay, volunteers, let's take down these walls...
New arrival: Fall of 2006
Getting lots of good use: Spring of 2010
cat center
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