Application to Adopt from Safe Harbor Farm
If no specific animal, what are you looking for?
Breed preference
What do you know about this breed?
What energy level are you looking for in a
pet (1 to 10 scale)?
What energy level is your household (1 to 10 scale)?
Reasons that you'd like to adopt
Your name(s)
Your full address
Phone #1
E-mail address
Your employer
Time frame for adopting
Your veterinarian's name
Your vet's phone #
Other vets seen in the past 5 years
(include phone)
Would a medical emergency costing $500
be something you can & would be willing to
SHF pet that you'd like to adopt
About the pet
About you
Haven't seen a vet in 5 years?  Please call your
local vets and formulate a DETAILED vet care
budget here:
Your spouse's employer
About your veterinarian
Pet Care
What is your annual budget for animal
care (vets, food, chewbones, training)?
Where are pets kept when you
are away for the day?
What pet foods do you use routinely?
Where are pets kept when you are home?
Phone #2
Where are pets kept at night?
Where are pets kept when you travel?
Who has agreed to take care of this pet
should an emergency befall you?
Animals, especially dogs, need
How do you plan to excercise your new pet?
What do you know about training a pet to
be the awesome lifetime companion that everyone seeks?
Which books have you read, shows have you seen or courses have you taken about pet care, behavior or training?
About your household
Do you own your own home?
If you rent, do you have landlord permission
for this pet?
Have you paid a pet deposit?
Is your yard fenced-in?  If so, with
what kind of fence?
Are you planning on moving in the next
2 years.  If so, where?
Number of adults in the household
Number of children in the household and their ages.
Are you or your spouse pregnant or expect
to be pregnant in the next 3 years?
Is any member of your household a smoker?  If so, who?
Under what circumstances have you/would you give up a pet?
pet's illness
new baby/child-related issues
tight finances
behavioral issues
Please explain:
Is anyone in the household military?
If so, what are your plans for your
pet(s) in case of PCS-ing or deployment?  (Moving to Japan is particularly expensive!)
Other animals in your life
List all cats & dogs presently in your household, with their names & ages.
Do you have any other animals?
Are all of them neutered?   If not, please state why.
Have any of your pets ever had a litter? 
If so, please provide the details.
Other animals you have had in the past seven years - names &, breeds. What happened to them?
Other things
What would you do if a family member
developed animal-linked allergies?
Have you or a family member ever been investigated for domestic violence? If so, please give us details of the situation:
Have you or a family member ever been investigated for animal abuse? If so, please give us details of the situation:
Please read our adoption policies thouroughly. Do you have any questions about them or objections to them?
Non-relative reference #1 (name, address, phone):
Non-relative reference #2 (name, address, phone):
Landlord's name & phone #
If more than 2 weeks, please submit your application at a later date.
If we have not contacted you within two days, please
call us at (252) 422-6770

(Extra time is required on weekends due to the vets' offices being closed.)

We review all applications carefully and, to ensure we are all making the right decision, never do same-day adoptions.

We hope you can appreciate our high standards...we work hard to get rescued pets ready for adoption, and we want the best for them!