Thank you, SHF Workampers!
Jack & Robin* with Harley, the best Doberman in the whole world
Bill (with the kitties) & Sandy
Laurie & Pat * - adopted their cat from SHF
* We're REPEAT Workampers!
Mike & Anita - helped SHF at the very beginning!
Pam behind the wheel
Lee & Karen - being interviewed for Jim & Rene's blog
Janet & David - helped with landscaping
Sue & Kevin - making platforms for RV porches
Fred & Kathy erecting the Dog Isolation Building
Jim & Rene' - came all the way from California
Jeanne & Allen by the pond
At Safe Harbor Farm, monthly and seasonal Workampers are welcome!  The happiest visitors are those who like to work outdoors in a pretty location. They forget about watches & clocks, work as individuals and in teams, and they go to bed each night knowing the world is a better place for them being here.
workcamper site #1
dog center to your right and 50 acres of forest at your back door
Workampers at SHF help primarily with landscaping and handiman tasks
(like painting, power-washing & fence-repair) plus a small amount of
animal care
(primarily cats & goats) and occasional data entry.

Most work is done between sun-up & noon, and between
five pm & sun-down, leaving the middle of the day for other things.

If you haven't done so already, please enjoy our online TOUR.
Application to Workcamp at SHF
Name (s)
E-mail address
Home address
Phone #1
Phone #2
Number of weeks that you'd like to Workamp
Dates that you'd like to Workamp
Number of people
Any smokers?  (please note: SHF is a non-smoking facility)
Animals traveling with you
Type and length of RV
Type of heat used  (Note: electric heaters are not allowed at SHF)
Full or part-timer?
How long have you been RVing?
Have you Workamped before?  If so, where?
Talents that you'd like us to know about
Have you worked at a vet clinic or shelter before?
Do you have any specific scheduling needs?
Please list TWO work-related references with their contact numbers. 
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Updated 1-25-17
Ed & Crista - planning on
      coming back!
Cindy, with her very good friend, Suka
Stan & Marge - built feeding troughs for the goats.
John & Carolyn LOVED working with the dogs!
workamper site # 2
cat center ahead; goats &
a private kennel to the back
Hank adopted Angel, a three-legged labrador
Bill constructed our AWESOME pond bridge railings!
Bob NEVER was bored at SHF!
Carol & Jerry - sewed kitty blankets,  groomed the animals, put up fencing & built a deck!
George & Barb brought their 4 dogs!
Dave and his favorite gal, Ceily
Dwayne and Larry -
from NC and AK!
Robert & friends from the Dog Center
workamper site # 3
fenced-in yard for Workamper dogs;
faces our one-acre pond
Once you have submitted an application, please call us at
252 422-6770 so we know to expect your application.
(This helps us to ensure your application hasn't been labled spam!)